chuck eddy roundtable (2016 chapter)

A running series, in which various critics and fans pick Chuck Eddy’s brain about his excellent new compilation, Terminated for Reasons of Taste: Other Ways to Hear Essential and Inessential Music. Eddy’s fourth book “rips up popular music histories and stitches them back together using his appreciation of the lost, ignored, and maligned.”

Session One: October 19/16
Anthony Easton (part one, two)
Kevin Bozelka (part one, two)

Session Two: October 25/16
Scott Woods (part one, two)

Session Three: December 14/16
Alfred Soto (part one / two / three)

[Click the image below for more info about Chuck’s book, via Duke University Press. And check out the previous Eddy roundtable, from 2011, here.]



One thought on “chuck eddy roundtable (2016 chapter)

  1. Needs to be preserved for posterity:

    Chuck – What country were they talking about? Because Scotland’s not a very big country.
    Scott – I think that it might have been inspired by the Talking Heads’ song “The Big Country.”
    Chuck – Oh.
    Scott – That’s what I read somewhere, but (garbled)…
    Chuck – Because they weren’t literally talking about (garbled)…
    Scott – Well, who knows. I mean…


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